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RE: Rockery Retaining Walls

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Go to your local home and garden center will give you a better answer.  Yes,
one/two/three/four man rock means the approximately number of guys needed to
move it.  Personally, I think it has more to do with size of rock than
weight of rock.  The four man rock at my folk's back yard looks a lot bigger
than four person can carry (four of me anyway).  A one man rock is
approximately twice the size of your steel manual.

I don't think it is an engineering term since you can't say the weight of a
one man rock is equal to X pound.

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Actually, I was assuming it was a standardized term & I should therefore
out what *exactly* it meant.  I *assumed* it had something to do with either
the mass (Mrock = 2 or 3 times Mman) or the number of guys needed to move
However, I figured it was something like a horsepower which has been
standardized and has a fixed relationship to other, more well-known, unit

I'd still appreciate a definition if anyone out there knows one, or at least
info as to whether the term is a standard one (not as in ASTM ###-###) but
used commonly in the industry.  Rod didn't include his "figured out"
so I'm still at a loss as to what "everyone else" means by the term.


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> Well Engineers, its sounds like some of you are spending too much time in
> the text books and not enough time out in the field.  I live in the Great
> North West and I admit that coming originally from back East that the term
> "One Man Rock" or "Two Man Rock" was new to me. But being as smart as we
> engineers think we are it took about 2 seconds to understand what the term
> meant.