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RE: California Earthquake Problems

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Hi, Moni

You said:
> One thing that make Richter magnitude irrelevant is that it is, by
> definition, the magnitude of the earthquake at a distance of 100Km from
> the epicenter. So if your house is right above the fault or at 300Km
> from it, the earthquake would still be defined as for example ML=7.0.

I have never seen an official definition of "Richter scale magnitude".
Seismology books usually give you a "description" of a definition but the
definition itself somehow avoided me for decades. Would you be so kind as to
EMail me the definition so I finally learn what Mr. Richter said about it. 

You also said that:
> I usually get annoyed by owners and even engineers who ask me to what 
> Richter scale I designed a structure, because when I tell them that the
> scale is not used in seismic design, they assume that I'm avoiding to answer
> them or that I'm not a qualified Engineer !

What do you suggest should be done to eliminate this problem which, in
will stay with you for as long as you are in business of designing structures.
It is 
interesting that "even engineers" (I assume practicing engineers) are asking
you this sinful question.