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Re: California Earthquake Problems

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>Also, I don't think the general public would be interested in debates on
>earthquakes based on physics and science. 

My family is no more interested when I hold forth on why things collapse, 
let alone the remainder of the laity. That goes with the job. I've been 
asked about Richter scale by lay people, and the answer is mercifully 
simple--it applies to the earthquake energy release as a whole; depending 
on local conditions a given amount of earthquake energy can be very 
destructive or not so much. If anyone's still awake, you can draw a 
parallel to the effects of an explosion. The damage will be a lot 
different if it's set off in your livingroom than in your neighbor's 
septic tank. 

Sometimes I think we engineers sometimes start lecturing on highway 
construction when all that's required is directions to the freeway.

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