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Earthquake Forces

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I'm a bit confused.  Section 1630.1 of the 97 UBC gives the Earthquake load E=roh*Eh + Ev and defines E as the seismic load on an element of the structure.  It defines Eh as the load due to the Base Shear from Section 1630.2 or the design lateral force Fp from section 1632,

Section a632.2 says that Fp is the Total Design Lateral Force on elements of structures.  If I'm designing a masonry wall for out of plane seismic forces, do I design Fp or for roh*Fp?  To me, the design force is Fp.  But where is E=roh*Eh applied?  I know that E is a factored load.  Is the roh factor the load factor?  For a working stress design, would I use a roh of 1?

Thanks in advance.

--Kipp A. Martin
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