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lag screws

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also note that lag screw design values remain unchanged from 1991 NDS to 1997
NDS (as do all connection design values). the 1997 NDS is also available in PDF
format on the WoodWorks Design Office 97 CD Rom.


From: "Henry David Kim - VECO" <>
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Subject: RE: Lag Screws

Chapter 23 of the 1997 UBC (volume II) adopts the 1991 NDS specifications by
"reference" i.e., they are no longer replicated in the body of the UBC.
Although the 1991 NDS was superceded by the 1997 NDS ICBO has an agreement
to sell the 1991 version.  You can contact ICBO and purchase the

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> Sent: Friday, January 15, 1999 5:06 PM
> Subject: Lag Screws
> I have to act really dumb for a second.
> The 1994 UBC has values for lag screws in shear, "Table 23-III-T Lag Screw
> Design Values....." or " Lad Screw Withdrawal Design Values"
> I have the CDROM of the 1997 UBC, and in the 3 ring binders.   I
> cannot find
> any information on lag screw design values.
> Could anybody direct me.
> Thank You
> Thomas Long