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Queries on ASD - 2

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I am an Australian Engineer undertaking a design based on the ASD
specification and have some further queries regarding ASD.

****ITEM 1
Appendix B - Table A-B5.1 Limiting proportions of channels & tees Page

a) the table's first two rows do not have a reference to which is for
built up channels or rolled. Is ot assumed that the first row is for
built up channels?

b) the table's limits seem to be reversed for channel and tees. ie
channel limits are for ratios less than and tees have limits greater

****ITEM 2
Appendix B - Sect B5-2a unstiffened Compression elements Page 5-98

To determine Qs for the flanges of tees requires calculation of kc
which requires a corresponding h being the clear distance between
flanges. For tees is h taken as the distance from the bottom of the
stem to the underside of the flange or is it double this distance?

****ITEM 3
Appendix B - Sect B5-2b axially loaded circular sections Page 5-100

Is it assumed that if the D/t ratio exceeds 13000/Fy that Fa = 0.40Fy
for slender circular sections

****ITEM 4
Chapter F - Sect F1.3 Page 5-48 tees with compression in stems

If section F1.3 does not apply to tee stems in compression along the
unbraced length is it assumed that Fb = 0.60Fy from eq F1-5

****ITEM 5
Chapter F - Flexure

For a solid rectangular section bending in the MAJOR axis, which
section is applied. Is it assumed that the allowable stressis Fb =

****ITEM 6
Chapter F - Sect F4 allowable shear

a)Is it assumed that for solid sections like circular, sqaure and
rectangular sections that the allowable shaer stress is Fv = 0.40Fy
based on the Gross Sectional area

b) Is there any reduction in the gross area of a circular hollow
section in determining the shear area and is the allowable shear Fv =
0.40 Fy


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