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RE: Finding a text string in an AutoCAD drawing

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Just one idea that might work - export the file to DXF.  This is a text file
format, so you can edit it and hunt down the text using the text editor's
search function.  From there you can delete it, or enlarge its size,
depending on your knowledge of DXF "language".

Hope this helps

Dave Meney
Structural Engineer
Yenem Engineering Services

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>Subject: Finding a text string in an AutoCAD drawing
>Does anyone have an AutoCAD lisp routing that will scale a specified
>text string by an input factor?
>I have an extra callout on one of my plan sheets that I have not been
>able to find.  My thought is that if I can get a lisp routine to scale
>it up by a factor of 100, it would be easy to find and delete.
>If anybody has any other suggestions to find the errant text string,
>advice would be greatly appreciated.
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