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RE: Anchor Bolts

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Canadian Standard CSA A23.3-94 Appendix D notes that a standard nut and
washer will satisfy the listed requirements for the anchor head provided the
yield strength of the bolt/rod does not exceed 400 MPa.  

Paul Meyer

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> Subject:	Anchor Bolts
> I am design the anchor bolts for a pre-engineered metal building.  I have
> noticed in previous discussions that it appears the preference for anchor
> bolts is the use of a headed bolt verses a hooked bolt or a bolt with
> embedded plate.  I do not have a good resource on anchor bolt design and I
> would like some comments on the following:
>      What thickness of bolt head should be used?  Is there a minimum
> projection width and height of the head or does an ordinary off the shelf
> A307 bolt work?
>      Is there a minimum length of embedment in concrete you would suggest,
> regardless of what the calculations say?
>      Is there a practical maximum length of embedment/bolt length for A307
> which one could easily buy?
>      I have designed buildings for almost 15 years now, including quite a
> few
> pre-engineered buildings.  I have always required the building supplier to
> design the anchor bolts and never had much of a problem with that
> requirement.  This particular building supplier is making a big fuss about
> having to design the anchor bolts, which includes embedment, etc.  Have I
> been wrong to require the supplier to completely design the anchor bolts
> in
> the past?  Prior to getting the calcs, I do not have firm numbers on
> reactions to design the bolts myself.  Now, if I design the bolts and the
> contractor doesn't like it, does he have a legitimate claim for an extra?
> I look forward to your input on this.
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