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RE: Shear-off bolted connection

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Dear Roger,

Thanks for your comments. 

I think the ideal senario would be the one that yeilding starts as soon as
the tension in the bolt reaches the specified pretensioning froce, and a
perfect yield plateau would gurantee no extra tension induced in the bolt.
In this case there is no need to have any additional tension, and therefore,
no need for tightening bolt any further. Otherwise, what is the point of
using someting that deforms inelastically, and why not making washers which
remain perfectly elastic up to specified pretensioning force.

Having said this if practically we can not make a deformable element on the
washer which yields as ideal as we want, at least we have to devise
something that does not give us too high of a strain hardening and
sensetivity with deformation. A reliable and constant rate of hardening is
all we need.

I think it would be great if manufactorers also join the discussion. My
intension, if I may, is to learn about and improve on things which are
already considered great inventions to me.

Majid Sarraf

>Actually the arch shape is necessary.  If the deformations were a constant 
>(uniform) size, then there would be no increase in force as the bolt was 
>tightened and there would be no increase in bolt tension after first yield.  
>(The yield plateau is horizontal, or nearly so.)
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona

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