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RE: Finding a text string in an AutoCAD drawing

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> Does anyone have an AutoCAD lisp routing that will 
> scale a specified text string by an input factor?
> I have an extra callout on one of my plan sheets 
> that I have not been able to find.

You should be able to find the string (and then scale it, if necessary) with the AutoCAD FILTER command. The Filter dialog is not Autodesk's most intuitive creation, but it's powerful and worth knowing how to use. Check the on-line help or printed manual.


1. Run the FILTER command.

2. Under Select Filter, choose Text Value.

3. Type the string you're looking for in the edit box below Text Value.

4. Click Add to List.

5. Click Apply.

6. At the Select objects prompt, type ALL to look for that string in the entire drawing (or use any other selection option, such as a window, to restrict the search to a particular set of objects).

7. Press ENTER one more time to end object selection.

The selected and filtered object(s) are now the Previous selection set, so you can use most any editing command on them. For example: ERASE P or LIST P or CHT P. The latter command, CHT (CHange Text), is one of the AutoCAD R14 bonus programs, I think, so make sure you have the bonus tools loaded. You can use CHT to change the height of one or more text strings.

- Mark Middlebrook