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RE: Anchor Bolts

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Richard, my experience (17 years) has been to require the metal building   
supplier to design the anchor bolts along with the rest of the building.
 Our specification (and the building department) requires that these   
calculations be prepared by a licensed California Civil Engineer.  I have   
never received any complaints so this seems unusual, but it may be   
related to the location of your building.  My work has been mostly in   
California.  I use bolts with a standard hex head or nut embedded in the   
footing.  If the bolt is not available as prefabricated stock they   
usually will use A36 rod.

Joyce Fuss, S.E.
Lionakis Beaumont Design Group
Sacramento, CA

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From: Richard Lewis
Sent: Monday, January 18, 1999 2:02 PM
To: Joyce; seaint
Subject: Anchor Bolts

I am design the anchor bolts for a pre-engineered metal building.  I have
noticed in previous discussions that it appears the preference for anchor
bolts is the use of a headed bolt verses a hooked bolt or a bolt with
embedded plate.  I do not have a good resource on anchor bolt design and   
would like some comments on the following:

     What thickness of bolt head should be used?  Is there a minimum
projection width and height of the head or does an ordinary off the shelf
A307 bolt work?

     Is there a minimum length of embedment in concrete you would   
regardless of what the calculations say?

     Is there a practical maximum length of embedment/bolt length for   
which one could easily buy?

     I have designed buildings for almost 15 years now, including quite a   
pre-engineered buildings.  I have always required the building supplier   
design the anchor bolts and never had much of a problem with that
requirement.  This particular building supplier is making a big fuss   
having to design the anchor bolts, which includes embedment, etc.  Have I
been wrong to require the supplier to completely design the anchor bolts   
the past?  Prior to getting the calcs, I do not have firm numbers on
reactions to design the bolts myself.  Now, if I design the bolts and the
contractor doesn't like it, does he have a legitimate claim for an extra?

I look forward to your input on this.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
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