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Queries on ASD - 3

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Further to my coming to grips with the ASD I have a further query
regarding interpretation

****Item 1
Appendix B Section B5 Local buckling

In the senario of a slender plate girder I beam with different sized
top and bottom flanges, and subject to combined axial and flexural
stress's (Chapter H) is

a) Qs calculated only for the flange that is in compression from
flexure only, or

b) Qs is calculated as though only axial compression existed and the
worst case of b/t for each of the flanges is used in determining Q, or

c) is one Qs worked out for the section in flexure only (b/t used for
the flange in compression) and this applied to the relavent 0.60FyQs,
and then another different Qs worked out for the worst case flange for
use in calculating Fa


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