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RE: Fixed base timber column

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How about embedding the columns into the caisson?  It would be the
"low-tech" answer.  The trick then becomes detailing the joint to
prevent water intrusion and decay of the column.

If seen pictures of custom steel plate connections for this application,
but I don't
have them with me.  If you are interested, I will find the reference.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 10:15 AM
Subject: Fixed base timber column

I am designing a free standing trellis.  The footprint is about 100ft x
20ft.  The owner wants to use 10x10 timber columns, 10x12 beams with 4x8
lattice at 36" o/c.  The columns are founded on 18" diameter caissons.
timber columns are spaced at 14'-0".

The owner would not like to see the typical knee braces to support the
timber frame from lateral movement, and no exposed connections.  I have
tossing ideas around in my head about how to approach this fixed base
column condition.

The ideas I have come up with are:

1. Use a vertical steel plate in the center of the column and bolt
and plug the holes.  I do not feel to good about this.
2. Embed threaded rods into the concrete either when they pour the
or then drill into the column and install with epoxy adhesive.  Not a bad
solution, but how do I design it.
3. Embed a 2" +- pipe column into the concrete and drill the column and
bolt through and plug.  Hard to drill into the timber and to construct.

Has any body designed a structure like this and if there is, how did you
it, what is the best solution.

Thank you in advance.

Thomas Long
Thomas Long Engineering