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Re: ASCE 7-95 Wind Guide

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          It is a good reference book to have as it clarifies some 
          issues and provides some background on other issues.  The 
          most cumbersome addition to the new standard was the 
          alternate method of determining loads on low rise buildings. 
          If you need a quick computer program to check hand calcs I 
          would strongly recommend NIST Technical Note 1415, 
          Developmental Computer-Based Version of ASCE 7-95 Standard 
          Provisions for Wind Loads.  It can be directly ordered from 
          NIST for approximately $15 (
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Subject: ASCE 7-95 Wind Guide
Author:  seaint(--nospam--at) at Internet 
Date:    1/20/99 10:44 AM
I noticed that there is a guide to the use of the wind load provisions of 
ASCE 7-95.  I was wondering if anyone has seen it and has any comments as to 
its usefulness.  I have found the wind provisions a bit cumbersome at times 
(to say the least).  I am in New York State where wind is our primary 
lateral load (at least according to the state code).
Thank you.
Bruce C. Trobridge
Assistant Building Structural Engineer 
NYS - Office of General Services