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Re: Anchor Bolts

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As far as I can recall, the PEMB supplier will design the grade (A307 typ)
diameter, quantity and bolt pattern for a column base.   That is where most of
the major suppliers stop their anchor bolt design.  

The foundation engineer is supposed to be responsible for the embedment and
details of concrete reinforcing (hairpins, tension ties, etc).  A large
percentage of  PEMB columns are pin-based and typically are not loaded to the
max in shear/tension.  The main exception to this is fixed based bracing
columns  (windposts etc).   

Headed bolts are becoming more common and are supposedly superior when pullout
forces are high for the strength of the bolt. Most bolts I use have a slight
bend at middepth to prevent the bolt and head from "spinning" if tightened to
much.  I usually tack weld the nut on then end and supply a heavy washer.  

If the bolt load is small when compared to the bolt strength, I still use
hooked bolts because they are easier to obtain locally.  

My 37 cents worth
Ron Martin