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Re: flag post

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          The BOCA 96 code recommends a R=1.25 for inverted pendulum 
          structures.  I would use that value to be conservative since 
          it sounds like your model is assuming all mass is assumed to 
          be at the top of the steel post (thus the point of lateral 
          load application).  Base plate design should be based on the 
          pressure distribution at the plate / foundation interface 
          and I would recommend you take a look at the AISC Design 
          Guide #1, Column Base Plates for the design of the base 
          plate and bolts.
          Robert C. Rogers, P.E.

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Subject: flag post 
Author:  seaint(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    1/21/99 9:09 PM

I am doing the lateral analysis of a detach garage. three sides of  the 
builing have enought wall length for shear wall. The side with the 
opening has no room for shear wall, so I am designing a steel post to 
take the shear load.  In the design, I am doing the typical flag pole 
where I checked the drift, and  bending of the steel post. my question 
1. Should I use Rw = 6 or 3?
2. Any info on how to design the base plate?
3. Any info on how to design the anchor bolts to take the moment at the 
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