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Re: National Research Council vs Local Fire Departments

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> An interesting (and hopefully, an educational) part of the story is that the
> structural engineer as second in command (but still a commanding pilot for
> structure) has parachuted a long time ago (right after the design of the
> structure was completed) to safer grounds and will not blink his eye even
> thinking that, to some degree, he is or he will be also responsible for
> and the destruction of the structure he has designed. It is not difficult to
> figure out why he is also responsible for things that he is not very proud
This paragraph distrubes me to say the least, I personally can not feel that
Ethical Engineer would design a structure without regard to the occupants,
However I can also imagine what would have happened if someone 30 years ago
tried to present a structure designed to todays standards.  I am sure the
client would have screamed bloody murder.  If you give a contractor or builder
home designs, the first designed to code and the second designed to a higher 
standard that will cost him more to build and your reason is the second is
how many contractors do you think will want to build the second house?  In
addition how many people do you think are really interested in spending an
extra 10 or more percent for a safer house as opposed to spending that money
on ammenties (better kitchen, nicer carpet, fireplaces, etc).

-Bill King