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RE: Italian Seismic Loads

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You need to find out what the grade of seismicity is in Venice, along with 
what the foundation coefficient e, structure coefficient b and seismic 
protection coefficient are. The following is a sample calculation of Italian 
base shear from a recent project of ours in Aviano. Aviano is about 1 hour 
north of Venice. Our structure was SMRF with concrete shear walls.

Italian Law
Grade of Seismicity, S				9
Seismic Intensity Coefficient, C = (S-2)/100 	0.07
Response Coefficient, R 			1.0 (T0 < 0.8 sec)
Foundation Coefficient, e 			1.0
Structure Coefficient, b 			1.2
Seismic Protection Coefficient, I 		1.0
Seismic Mass, W				Dead Load + 0.33 Live Load
						Dead Load + 1.00 Live Load (Stairs)
Static Load = Fitalian=C x R x e x b x I x W 	0.07 x 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.2 x 1.0 x 
W = 0.084W

Dynamic Load:
Spectral Acceleration, a = C x I x R x g x e x b = 0.07 x 1 x 1 x 9.81 x 1 x 
1.2 = 0.824 m/s2
Response Spectrum, 	R = 1.0 for T < 0.8 sec
			R = 0.862 / T2/3 for T > 0.8 sec

I don't know if you'll need a structural certification for your project, but 
if you do, we work with an engineer in Rome. His name is Maurizio Bettollini. 
He's the managing director for SO.IN.CI. and his email address is 
soinci(--nospam--at) He's a very capable structural engineer that we have worked 
with on several recent projects. If you've ever been to Rome, he was the 
structural engineer for that building in Parco de Medici that's two inverted 
triangles with the steel pipe exoskeleton. You can see it from the road that 
runs from the airport to the city.

Your UBC assumptions look conservative since I think Venice would be in the 
US equivalent Zone 3. As far as I know, the Italian law does not 
differentiate between the seismic coefficient for the building structure and 
components. We've found that for most structures, UBC controls. Italian Law 
does require you to include a percentage of live load with dead load in 
calculation of seismic forces.

Bill Keen

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Subject: Italian Seismic Loads

To all:

We are currently designing a piece of artwork to be hung from a ceiling of a
musuem in Venice, Italy.  I would really appreciate it if someone could tell
me what is the correct seismic design coefficient for such a piece.  We are
currently basing our design on the 1994 UBC with Fp = ZICpWp = 0.80Wp,
assuming Z = 0.40 for seismic zone 4, I = 1.0 for nonessentials, and Cp = 
for nonstructural components "signs and billboards" or "exterior and interior
ornamentations and appendages".

Your input is appreciated.

Ciao -

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.