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surcharging a site

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we have a site with about 12 inches of top soil\vegetation and about 12
feet below that of fatty clays.  below the clays is fine sands. bedrock
is about 50 feet deep.

we are looking to erect a warehouse and plant facility on this site.
loading is as such:  typical columns - 120 kip or less, floor load - 400
psf, mezzanine column loads - 350 kip.  the concerns are the column
foundation types and the floor loads.

the recommendation is to surcharge the site for 3 months, the lighter
columns could be on spread footings, the slab would be good to go (using
a subbase of granular) and the high column loads go with auger cast pile
into the sand (friction pile) or to bedrock.

i have some questions.

1.  will the fatty clays swell after surcharge is removed with ground
water within about 4 feet
2.  do we need to strip the organics prior to surcharging
3.  can we put the deep foundations in while surcharged if downdrag is
taken into account.
4.  any thougts about the risk of being into fatty clays with spread