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Shotcrete-Gunnite definitions

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Please be aware that shotcrete differs from gunnite process as when the water is introdued to the mix. Generally, shotcrete arrives on site in a pre-mixed condition, usually a truck mixer, and the wet concrete is pumped through a high pressure system and is sprayed on in lifts.

Gunnite is mixed dry, without adding water, and sprayed on in a dry pre-mixed condition with the water added at the nozzle.

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It is pneumatically applied (sprayed on) mortar or concrete shot or gunned at a high velocity onto a surface. It is typically applied as a dry mix by a nozzleman shooting the mix out of a large diameter hose. It is capable of supporting itself without sagging or sloughing for vertical or overhead applications. It is sometimes refer to as "Gunite". It is used sometimes for repair work, tunnel linings, concrete shells, swimming pool walls, etc. Minimal formwork is used for repairs, mainly to prevent overspray. For concrete shells, base formwork is needed. The steeper the surface of the shell the more impractical it is to try to pour conventional concrete. Shotcrete is typically done in lifts, until you build up the thickness that you need.

Refer to ACI 506 for more information.

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Silenio Marciano de Paulo wrote: Hello, Greg Leyh wrote about using shotcrete for basement walls.So, Could someone tell me what is shotcrete? SilenioBrazil(silenio(--nospam--at)


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