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Non Professionals doing Engineering

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I recently ran across this message on another newsgroup and it made me wonder if we are slowly losing control of our profession to non-professionals, especially with the advent of computer programs:

Hello, I design wood roof trusses and sometimes I need to know how big of a
drift will form on the trusses when there are two different roof elevations
next to each other. Up till now I had the design program do this for me. Now
I would like to know how to do it myself, and I can't seem to be able to
find a formula to do this. Any help would be greately appreciated, thanks.

This posting made me think about where our profession is going and the affect the computer will have on it. Are these trends good or bad? Is the EOR the Supervising Professional in this case? Does the EOR really have direct supervision as many codes require? I am sure a number of us have a few stories to tell about why this process does not always work well. All comments are welcome.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.