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Re[2]: Non Professionals doing Engineering

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Upon looking at a project, we rack up numbers in our brains and come out with ballpark figures. This especially applies for projects you are invited to bid on and prepare for it in a very limited time. You may not have the luxury to run  a detailed analysis and tapping that so-called stock knowledge would be your most immediate resource.

Running a detailed analysis through the computer would somehow justify your thought calculations and give you *exact* answers so that it would give you your *exact* sections, reinforcements and the likes.

But a computer is only as good as the user. Garbage in, garbage out.


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Subject: Re: Non Professionals doing Engineering
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Date:    01/25/99 2:07 AM


>From your response, I just HAVE to ask this question:

If you already know the answer, WHY in the world would you ever do a computer analysis?? When I get the answer, I am DONE!  No need to go any further.


Phil Hodge wrote:
> Never believe the computer unless you already know the answer. >