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STAAD III , Problems with Releases

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          I noticed the E-Mail recently posted which discusses some 
          problems with various releases of STAAD III.  I recently ran 
          into a problem with Release 22.3a.  The program was 
          recognizing none of the STAPLE commands to aid in 
          postprocessing.  When I tried to resolve this issue with the 
          Eastern Regional Office (in Maryland) the basic gist of the 
          response was upgrade to Release 23.0.  Since we possessed a 
          maintenance agreement with REI, I was surprised to learn that 
          we didn't have the latest release.  Upon contacting the 
          California office we were immediately overnighted Release 
          23.0.  Needless to say I wrote a respectful, yet critical 
          E-Mail to REI letting them know of this lack of support.
          Upon receiving Release 23.0, I discovered that it wouldn't 
          recognize our hardware lock, thus I was E-Mailed a patch 
          file to fix the problem.  Once into R23.0, I found that the 
          multilinear spring option would not handle multiple joints 
          (i.e., with different trib. areas thus diff. spring 
          constants) with different spring values for their respective 
          curves.  Again, I was E-Mailed a patch file to fix the 
          I think the events above speak for themselves.  I must say 
          that after I sent my first E-Mail, which was critical of 
          REI, and after I received Release 23, the support was 
          top-notch in fixing the errors I encountered.  However, 
          beware because the editor in Rel. 23 is frustratingly slow 
          and I still didn't get the STAPLE commands to work properly.
          By the way, I was told by REI that Release 23 was the last 
          of STAAD III.  Any future upgrade would be through the STAAD 
          Pro line.  Additionally, my views are not necessarily 
          representative of my company's and your experience with this 
          program my be differnt {  good legal jargon :^)  }.  
          Robert Rogers, PE