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RE: Non Professionals doing Engineering

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That´s the whole point of this discussion.  Anyone can key in information
into a computer and run an analysis, but only an engineer who knows what
(s)he's doing will know whether the answers are reasonable or not.
   Therefore you must know what you're supposed to be getting out of the
analysis before you run it.   That is why, in the age of computers and great
programs, college students in engineering still have to learn how to do hand
calcs for concrete slabs and steel beams, and learn analysis methods such as
virtual work, moment distribution, conjugate beam, etc.


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>>From your response, I just HAVE to ask this question:
>If you already know the answer, WHY in the world would you ever do a
>computer analysis??
>When I get the answer, I am DONE!  No need to go any further.
>Phil Hodge wrote:
>> Never believe the computer unless you already know the answer.