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I need to analyze unanchored (no ERB) manufactured homes for overturning
of CMU or steel supports, and would like to use the UBC or some other
static equivalent method.  However, it appears that applying a static
equivalent method is only valid up to the point of initiation of
rocking, and then period and other period/ductility based coefficients
are inaccurate.  Sophisticated dynamic analyses of rigid blocks have
been performed with this problem in mind, but I'm looking for something
simple.  Can the UBC be employed?

1997 UBC paragraph 1629.1 states " Allowable Stress Design may be used
to evaluate sliding or overturning at the soil structure interface
regardless of the design approach used in the design of the structure,
provided load combinations of Section 1612.3 are utilized"
(I can't find commentary on this paragraph, but I'm guessing it was
intended for large structures, where large momentum is required to
actually topple the structure, not small CMU blocks)

Ed Tornberg