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Re: Anchor Bolts & Pre-engineered Buildings

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Richard Lewis wrote: 
> I have designed buildings for almost 15 years now, including quite a few 
pre-engineered buildings.  I have always required the building supplier to 
design the anchor bolts and never had much of a problem with that 
requirement.  This particular building supplier is making a big fuss about  
having to design the anchor bolts, which includes embedment, etc.  Have I 
been wrong to require the supplier to completely design the anchor bolts in 
the past?  Prior to getting the calcs, I do not have firm numbers on 
reactions to design the bolts myself.  Now, if I design the bolts and the 
contractor doesn't like it, does he have a legitimate claim for an extra? < 
I specify that the anchor bolts shall be sized by the pre-engineered
manufacturer, but I also typically show a minimum embedment depth on the 
drawings and call for a minimum 3/4" diameter anchor bolt.  Or in some
I've given a table of anchor bolt embedment vs bolt diameter on the drawings 
(also intended to cover equipment anchor bolts of various diameters).  I did 
have one building manufacturer resist designing the anchor bolts but I
out that it was a contract requirement, and I pointed out that I could not 
have adequate information to design anchor bolts prior to the manufacturer's 
building design.   
I think the building manufacturer should be responsible for sizing the 
diameter and location of anchor bolts but the foundation designer should be 
responsible for bolt embedment and load transfer within the foundation.  I 
generally estimate the building reactions and list the assumed reactions on 
the drawing, and state that the foundation must be confirmed by the 
responsible engineer for the actual building reactions.   I also specify
the contractor will be responsible for changes to the foundation due to 
deviations required by the manufacturer's building design.