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Re: Payment Collection

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>From what I understand, considering what Jim Kestner said also, there is an
implied copywrite on any architectural/engineering drawings.  This won't
help you get your work back ( I don't think) but if they transfer it to
someone else or sell it or use it (the someone else) then there would be a
case for copywrite infringement.  I don't know the details of enforcing
this - would have to contact copywrite office .
    This could be an option for the future.

                                                            Greg Smith
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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 2:25 PM
Subject: Re: Payment Collection

> Dear Mr./Mrs.,
> I have a problem and would like to get your advice.
> I finished a project and sent an invoice to the client. One month later, I
called the client, asked for the payment, but the
> client did not want to pay. In this case, I would like to withdraw my
> Could anybody tell me how I do that? Where and who I should contact? How
could I officially withdraw my design ? The project
> has not been under construction yet. Thanks in advance.
> Quick Wu
What State are you in?