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RE: Question regarding best analysis/design software

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I am similarly interested in currently available analysis/design software applications. Another question would be what applications should be avoided due to limited, disappointing or poor performance?
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> Subject: 	Question regarding best analysis/design software
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> RE:     Question regarding best analysis/design software
> I am looking for recommendations on the best structural analysis and design
> software to purchase.  Ease of use, detailed output, fast processing, and
> good support. are obvious criteria.  I am currently evaluating Risa
> Technologies, Research Engineers, CSI and Enercalc, RAM International
> products.  I am interested in 3D as well as 2D analysis capabilities and
> smooth integration with design modules and AutoCAD release 14.  Typical
> projects might include complex single story, long span steel framed
> structures or multistory office buildings (steel or concrete), combined
> lateral load resisting systems (e.g. braced frames and shear walls in same
> structure), steel or wood trusses, tilt-up concrete panels, tall masonry
> walls, single and combined spread footings, continuous wall footings, pile
> cap foundations, cantilever retaining walls, supported concrete floor
> slabs/beams (one-way and two-way), concrete columns (square, round,
> rectangular), steel beams (continuous and simple span, non-composite and
> composite), steel columns and beam/columns, steel connections (moment,
> shear-tab, simple), etc.  There doesn't appear to be one vendor that offers
> a universal package to cover all types of structural systems.  Any thoughts
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Steve Osborn, P.E.