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Soil Pressure

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I am working on a project for which I am designing a retaining wall. The
report describe the loading as fallow:

The basement wall should be design to resist a lateral earth pressure
equivalent to a fluid weight of 35 pound per cubic foot , and an
additional uniform pressure of 15H pound per square foot, where H= back
fill height above the base of the basement wall footing in feet....
Additionally the basement wall should be designed to resist lateral
pressure induced by earthquake. An additional earthquake -induce
pressure equivalent to a fluid weight of 20 pounds per cubic foot may be
used in design. However, distribution of the lateral pressure should be
taken as an "invert triangle " with its resultant force acting at a
point two third of the wall height above the base of the wall.
 Now I have tried to calculate the active overall presure and I came up
with 75 psf(no including the 15H), which I think is to high and the
soils engineer says there is something wrong in my calculations.  When I
ask him/her to give me his calculated number, the only thing I recieved
was a diagram in which he/she shows the 15H psf rectangle , 20H psf
rectangle and a 15H psf triangle
I guess I am missing something here.
1- Why can he/she give me a straight foward numerical answer?
2- What will the answer be for a  8 feet wall ?

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