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I bought AVwin about 6 months ago and have been real pleased.  The
documentation is light but I find that I do not need that for ASD design.  I
usually check all member sizes by hand or at least check most of them and
found differences to be on the conservative side.  For ease of model
generation and checking, it is great.

It does not model tension or compression only members.  This adds some
additional modeling in some cases to work around that.

The cost was well worth that small discomfort.

Ron Hill
Birmingham, Al

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Subject: Re: STAAD Pro

I have been toying it with it too, and so far I'm not put off.  Our design
parameters are different from the US so there is a bit of equation
modification to keep it to Canadian requirements.  Materials database is
different too.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

Subject: Re: STAAD Pro

>I have a friend/associate/competitor who really likes Avwin.  I know Avwin
>has gotten a lot of bad press on this list, but he's hard to please.
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