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Re[2]: Question regarding best analysis/design software

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You've put it succinctly. Couldn't agree more.


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Subject: Re: Question regarding best analysis/design software
Author:  MIME:chrisw(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    01/27/99 8:57 PM

>You will not find a software package that will do all the things in your >wish list.  That's a very good general statement. Forget user-friendly. The best you can hope for is gross indifference--like my car. When it does what I want, it's not being a pal, and when it leaves me stuck in the middle of a crisis it's nothing personal. Intuitive doesn't apply to software either. When something _seems_ intuitive, it usually means that I've been bitten in butt enough times so I think about where I'm sitting without being reminded. And after I've battled my way up a difficult learning curve, found all the pitfalls, made plenty of mistakes and spent hours raving at the turgid docs and the stupid way that features have been implemented, they're all easy to use. All analysis software has the best support and the whizziest features--if you don't think so, just ask the sales rep.

I've gotten pretty handy with two general purpose finite element packages and used a few others, and I think the only way to get good is to work lots of problems and don't assume that the first way you did something is the best way. Ask yourself why an answer comes out one way instead of another. Cross-check everything. Look for bugs and figure out your own work-arounds. Don't expect your hot-line support to do your engineering for you or to have an answer to everything. After you've done the homework you'll find you have the very best analysis software you could hope for.

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