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RE: stainless steel spec

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You are kind of correct, and I was kind of wrong.  The values I was looking
at was for commonly available sheet stock.  

For round stock the commonly available stock is Fy=30 ksi although the
minimum tensile strength Fu=75 ksi which is greater than A36 which is Fu=58

I am going by product literature and memory as opposed to the actual ASTM
spec.  My A240 and A276 copies were apparently abducted by terrorist aliens.

One other thing to keep in mind that the Type A304 and Type A316 are
austenitic stainlesses available in Grades A (annealed Fy=30 ksi), B
(annealed and cold finished Fy=45 ksi), C (1/4 hard Fy=75 ksi), or D (1/2
hard 100 ksi).  But the availability drops off for anything above Grade A.

It's interesting mixing ASTM and AISI specs.  It's been a long day.

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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Regarding stainless steel, Harold Sprague wrote: 
>Round stock is commonly available in ASTM A276 or ASTM A479.  The most 
common grade with yield and tensile strengths greater than A36 is Type 316.
Harold - as you've previously noted on this listserver, Type 316 SS
has a lower yield strength than 36 ksi.  And Type 304 has similar strength
Type 316.  Thus I don't agree with the above statement regarding strengths 
greater than A36.