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RE: Earthquake in Colombia.

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I'll offer a bit on part a.
Having worked on a project in Colombia, I have a copy and have used the
Codigo Colombiano De Construcciones Sismo-Resistentes code for Colombia. 
The copy I have was dated 1984, but it was current about 3 years ago.  It
appears to be generally based on the early  NEHRP Provisions with seismic
coefficients Av and Aa from zone 1 to 9 starting out at 0 and maxing out at
0.40.  The mapping only lists a maximum of a zone 7 (Aa and Av = 0.30) for
anywhere in Colombia.  They also employ the concept of low, intermediate,
and high seismic risk areas to trigger various code provisions.
Armenia is listed at a zone 6 (Aa and Av = 0.25) and is a alto (high)
seismic risk area.  This would be constant with the preliminary magnitude of
earthquake reported.
I am not aware of any independent mapping efforts.
Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company 
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Subject: Earthquake in Colombia.

    It would be interesting if there are any Colombian engineers in this
list (I think there are) to comment on the EQ.  For instance, I'm interested
in the following items:
a) What's the philosophy behind the Colombian seismic design codes?
b) Are they applied in everyday construction?
c) Predominant structural systems & materials.
d) More common types of failures.
    Also I think it would be great if these colleagues could send some
pictures to post in the seaint wwwsite.
Rodrigo Lema, Mendoza, Argentina (We still waitin' for our big one)