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Re: Columbian Earthquake - Any first hand structural assessments?

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I believe the population in urban Pereira would be around 450 thousand ,
and in urban Armenia around 250 thousand. But take in mind that a lot of
little towns and hamlets around Armenia also suffered some damage.
In Pereira damage was focused in a central area built over an old
landfill with great quantities of water.
In Armenia , the same thing happened : dwellings built over old
landfills collapsed PLUS buildings in the central part of the city built
with very low quality and total lack of qualified supervision. Damage to
life line facilities was concentrated in the same areas : in the case of
water supply and electricity , there is still no service , but I am not
sure if this has occurred in all Armenia.   In the neighboring towns ,
access roads have suffered landslides , hospitals have been damaged and
are not able to function except for first aid , and there is no
telephone service. There have been problems with the delivery of aid ,
and yesterday mobs looted supermarkets.

> Juan Carlos:
> Would you tell us population in Armenia y Pereyra cities. And damage to
> life-line facilities.
> carlos arce