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RE: Soil Pressure

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Oops!  I overlooked concrete SMRF's (Rw =12).  I don't design them for the
work I do if a simpler system with lower Rw is available.

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	I used Rw = 10(Concrete Special Moment Resisting Space Frame) taken
from our
	1992 National Structural Code. The seismic forces  in our code
conforms with
	1988 SEAOC. I recall that this is 12 in UBC 88. I do not think its a
	maybe our code writers made some minor changes to be safer.

	C =2.75 (max. value), can be used for any structure regardless of
soil type
	or structure period.

	Base shear formula, V = ZI(C/Rw)W = .40x1x(2.75/10)W=.11W (to be

	May I ask what is the Rw value in UBC 1994? Maybe the formula is

	Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.
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