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EERI/PEER Team to Columbia

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From: Robert Olson, Learning From Earthquakes Manager, Earthquake
Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Copies: Team members & others listed below
Subject: ?Final? Colombian Earthquake reconnaissance team

I greatly appreciate the Board of Directors? rapid positive response to our
recommendations:  (1) that EERI dispatch a Reconnaissance Team as soon as
possible, (2)  that our efforts be seen as a ?joint venture? with our
Colombian members/colleagues (Colombian Association of Earthquake
Engineering), and (3) that, subject to some last minute possible changes,
the US team be composed of the following people:

*Leader:  Eduardo A. Fierro, structural engineer, Wiss Janney Elstner
Assoc., language fluent Peruvian, has downloaded all Spanish language news
information.  Work Phn:  (510) 450-5527; Fax:  (510) 428-0456; Home Phn:
(510) 234-1846; E-mail:  efa(--nospam--at)

* Maria del Mar Lopez, student engineering member, Univ. of Michigan,
language fluent Colombian from Cali (our probable base of operations); has
good contacts in the area and has provided most helpful advice.  Work Phn:
(734) 763-6829; Fax: (734) 764-4292; Home Phn: (734) 763-7029; E-mail:

*? Mauricio Ciudad-Real, engineer, Kinemetrics, language fluent Salvadoran,
knows the area and has strong local contacts with a related Colombian
instrumentation company that has strong motion instruments in the area; no
cost to EERI.  Work Phn:  (626) 795-2220 x115; Fax:  (626) 795-0868; Home
Phn:  (909) 355-2813; E-mail:  mauricio_ciudad-real(--nospam--at)

* Alejandro Asfura, EQE International (Oakland), lifelines engineer,
language fluent Chilean, coordinated via TCLEE (Curt Edwards, John Eidinger,
Don Ballantyne).  Work Phn:  (510) 817-3106; Fax: (510) 663-1046; Home Phn:
(925) 631-0507; E-mail:  apa(--nospam--at)

* Victor Zayas, structural engineer, Earthquake Protection Systems
(Richmond, CA), language fluent native of So. America (not sure of country).
Work Phn:  (510) 232-5993; Fax:  (510) 232-6577; Home Phn:  (510) 763-5373;
E-mail:  eps-fp(--nospam--at)

*? Paul Flores, EQE International (Newport Beach), emergency response and
societal impacts, language fluent Mexican, familiar with Colombia, formerly
with CA Office of Emergency Services.  Work Phn:  (949) 975-9959 x247; Fax:
(949) 833-3392; Home Phn:  (818) 781-0448; E-mail:  pjflores(--nospam--at)

Other notes:

1.  Left a message on 1/27 and an e-mail on 1/28 with Dr. Linda Borque, UCLA
?s Center for Public Health and Disaster Relief, asking of their interest
and Spanish language capabilities.

2.  We will not seek ?country clearance? from US Embassy; means we are on
our own and cannot seek embassy support, but advantages outweigh risks of
non-approval, especially with our team?s strong local contacts and

3.  Will coordinate with Colombian members of EERI (lead:  *Omar D. Cardona,
President, Colombian Association of Earthquake Engineering and former
National Director for Risk Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness).  I will
continue with this during the team?s field work.

4.  Most members indicated they are available as soon as next week, and E.
Fierro prefers to leave as soon as possible, possibly as early as Sunday
through Miami to either Bogota or direct to Cali.  He will work with his
team members on the final arrangements.

5.  We (Fierro, Tubbesing, Olson) will meet at Eduardo?s office on Friday,
1/29 at about 10:00 to help put the team in the field.  Wiss Janey Eltsner
Assoc. is at 2200 Powell Street, Emeryville, to arrange materials,
logistics, etc.

6.  Eduardo talked with Jack Moehle, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research
Center (PEER), and we are happy to accommodate a PEER representative.
Details will be worked out directly between Eduardo and Jack.

7.  Lloyd Cluff and Bill Page, PG&E, to provide Eduardo with faulting and
geologic information from earlier work in the epicentral area.