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Re: Stamping Calculations

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Dear Tom,

I am also one of the "hired gun" plan check agencies on contract to Cities and
Counties.  I agree it does seem at least odd that you are required to stamp
and sign the table of contents.  To my knowledge there is nothing more
specific in the Business and Professions Code (CA) that requires other than
your stamp and "original manual signature" on "instruments of service".  I can
only speculate there may have been a recent legal action that was based on
structural calculations where the table of contents was in question.  

State enforcement personnel at BORPELS and CBAE are very specific in not
making law, regulation, or policy that will compel certain actions for
enforcement by Building Officials.  This leaves the Building Dept. complete
discretion as to how they require plans and documents stamped and signed.  I
recommend you contact the actual Building Official in the City or County and
find out if they have a policy and what are the specifics.  If the plan
checker is going beyond the Building Official's policy, ask the Building
Official to inform their contract company to follow the policy and State Law
(B&P Code).

I would also be interested to know the other review comment issue and how it
related to the project integrity.  If you have an example of the "cookbook"
used I am also interested, there always is something to learn.  My policy is
to check overall system proposed, design accuracy in calcs/plans, then
reconcile any portions incomplete in calculations and not addressed on plans
and comment on issues found in the report.

Hope this helps,

Jim Fruit, AIA,  Branch Manager
Carl Mileff & Associates, Inc.
Building Code Services
4000 Moorpark Ave, suite 102
San Jose, Ca.  95117              ph 408 248-0566