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Re: Stamping Calculations

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California state law with respect to civil engineers signing "plans,
specifications, and reports" is found in B&P Code section 6735, which may be
examined on the board's website at

There appear to be no other provisions in statute or board rules that adds
to sect 6735, which curiously fails to expressly cover "calculations" as
distinct from plans, specifications, or reports. In a related section,
6735.2, "documents" appears also, as it does in the sections similar to 6735
that apply to mechanical and electrical engineers.  Presumably calculations
can be deemed "reports" for purposes of the signing and stamping
requirements of sect 6735. (It would be a stretch to call calculations
"plans", but one could possibly argue that the statutes are silent on
signing and stamping civil engineering calculations, and that no requirement

For specifications and reports, sect 6735 says the signature and stamp "need
only appear...on the original title sheet of the specifications and reports".
There doesn't appear to be any authority to enforce another appearance of
the stamp and signature on a table of contents page, as far as the
regulation of the engineer's practice is concerned. On the other hand, it is
not much of a burden to satisfy such a request as a courtesy. 

Possibly there is a provision in other areas of statute that give building
officials authority to demand signatures and stamps where they please, but I
doubt it. And usually when state statutes cover a matter, local ordinances
may not require differently.

This is a good question to ask in writing of the Board's Executive Officer.
The Board has legal counsel at their disposal to help answer legal questions
on matters under their purview.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE    Sacramento CA