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Re: Missing Buck

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Hi, Stan:

Have you received any answers, yet, for the puzzle?  Well, here is my solution
to your problem.

It is  a very cleverly worded puzzle in the sense that the disbursement and
receipt of money in different transactions are mixed up. Once the clerk returns
$5 through the bellhop, then $25 ($30-$5) must be balanced, and not the original
transaction of $30.  So, as against $25 chargeable for the room, the 3 guys pay
a total of $27 out of which the clever bellhop keeps $2.  Therefore, $25
received by the clerk and $2 received by the bellhop is balanced by $27 paid by
the guys.


Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> Every engineer needs to take a brief break every now and then.  OK puzzle
> solvers!  Lets see who can figure this one out first:
> Three guys go to a hotel, and get a room for $10 a piece, or a total of $30.
> They go up to their room, when the clerk realizes the room was only $25, not
> $30. So he gives $5 to the bellhop, and tells him to go rectify the matter.
> The bellhop then goes upstairs, and gives $1 to each guy, so they have now
> each paid $9 for the room, instead of $10. The Bellhop keeps $2 as a tip.
> Okay, you have 3 guys who each paid $9, for a total of $27, and $2 for the
> bellhop, which makes $29.
> Where did the extra dollar go?