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Re: Grading Agency/Rules for Vigas???

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It's a pole used as a roof rafter in traditional adobe construction.  You
don't have those in Virginia?

P. Quinn
Henderson, NV

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Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 2:24 PM
Subject: Re: Grading Agency/Rules for Vigas???

>In a message dated 1/30/99 13:42:49 Eastern Standard Time,
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>> I have never heard of a viga grading rule writing agency nor have I ever
>>  heard of vigas being grade stamped and I told the person that.  Am I
>>  the loop" on this?  Is there such an animal?
>Despite your admitted ignorance on this subject you are apparently (and as
>usual) at least one step ahead of me on this.  What is a viga?  I looked in
>dictionary and Architectural Graphic Standards which are without
>for viga.  The next step I suppose is, or ask Roger.
>Jan Harris, PE
>Virginia Beach, VA