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RE: Missing Buck

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    I first read this problem in a book called "EL hombre que calculaba", by
Malba Tahan.  I don't know the english title 8you how this things are), but
the raw translation would be "The man who calculated" or something like
    I'll look it up in Amazon and tell you the title.  It has some very
interesting and entertaining math problems.  And, swear to god, you don't
need any software tro work them out, not even a calculator or a slide rule.

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Asunto: Missing Buck

>Every engineer needs to take a brief break every now and then.  OK puzzle
>solvers!  Lets see who can figure this one out first:
>Three guys go to a hotel, and get a room for $10 a piece, or a total of
>They go up to their room, when the clerk realizes the room was only $25,
>$30. So he gives $5 to the bellhop, and tells him to go rectify the matter.
>The bellhop then goes upstairs, and gives $1 to each guy, so they have now
>each paid $9 for the room, instead of $10. The Bellhop keeps $2 as a tip.
>Okay, you have 3 guys who each paid $9, for a total of $27, and $2 for the
>bellhop, which makes $29.
>Where did the extra dollar go?