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Re: Stamping Calculations

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Jim Price wrote: 
>At that point, the actual Plan Checker came to the counter and said, "Oh, I 
saw those plans were by you, so I just stamped them.  You do good work."  I 
was quick to explain that working alone, I need the plan checker to review
work.  I might have missed something! < 
As others have pointed out, the "Plan Checker" should not be relied upon to 
fully check your design - they are mainly concerned with conformance with
requirements.  But this raises one of my "pet peeves" with the current state 
of structural engineering.  Shouldn't independent checking of structural 
design be required for all structural work?  I've mainly worked on large 
projects and for companies which do regular design checking as a matter of 
policy.  But I have rarely found an original design which didn't have errors
either in assumptions, approach, or mathematical errors.  And I have
submittals of "deferred designs" which were left up to the contractor - 
unchecked calculations were submitted and we frequently found errors in
calculations.  Some errors have minor impacts on final results but other 
errors are significant to the results.  I have concluded that all structural 
designs warrant checking by a qualified individual other than the preparer - 
not necessarily a PE, but someone with an engineering degree and experience.