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RE: flame cutting of steel frame

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I presume that the material is normal low carbon structural steel.  In that
case, cutting using an oxygen-acetylene torch will not have adverse effects
on the parent steel of the column.  In any case, the oxygen-acetylene
cutting process is not a melting process.  It is a high temperature
chemical reaction.  The high temperature is fairly localized, but you will
loose some of the beam connection steel.

If you want another suggested process, it would be air-arc.  This process
uses a carbon electrode with compressed air.  This process is a highly
localized melting process.  A qualified iron worker can use this process to
remove the weld only.

Either method will require grinding to remove some of the remaining weld

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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Subject: flame cutting of steel frame

Hello everyone

I want to cut a temporary steel member from main column with flame.

For a temporary support, I welded it to the column and now, It should be

I guess heating will chagne the property of steel column and cause redution
of strength, ductility etc.

But, I want it should be clean with no remnant of temporary steel member in

How much should I separate the cutting point with main column causing no
change of steel property?

Where can I get the information?

Thanks in advance.

S.C.Jeong, Enginner