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Re: Service life prediction

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Try getting in touch with the International Concrete Repair Institute 1323
Shepard Drive, suite D, Sterling Virginia 20164-4428.  They have information
on condition assessment of concrete structures, repairs, and means of
extending the serviceability period of existing reinforced concrete

The ACI Materials Journal has had several relevant articles in the past few
years.  Authors and the references included with the articles should be very
good sources of further information on concrete serviceability.   One recent
article proposes a method for modeling predicted time to corrosion cracking in
chloride contaminated reinforced concrete structures. 

Concrete quality, workmanship, reinforcing steel cover, environment, and
maintenance each have significant influence on the serviceability period of
reinforced concrete.  My rule of thumb is that reinforced concrete has a
serviceabilty period of 100 years plus or minus a few decades.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer