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RE: Stamping Calculations

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Even doctors sometimes get a second opinion.  Unless he can walk on water, I
assert that even the best engineer (or doctor) can overlook something.  The
benefit of a review is as much in having a fresh, independent viewpoint as
in catching a wrong calculation.

OK. I'll yield the soapbox to someone else now.

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	Are we still professionals if we need someone to always check our
	I mean to say, perhaps the problem is not enough time (read money)
to do
	a proper job. Do doctors or attorneys need their work independently
	checked before they can do their thing?. Should they? Typically no,
	are considered professionals and as such, they are trusted to
	their profession with the judgement and skill they supposedly are
	to have (by education and exam). Are mistakes in structural
	more critical than a physician in surgery? In some ways I would say
	But really, if we (structural engineers) cannot be trusted to
	competently design structures without needing some else to perform a
	complete review of all that we did, I wonder if being a S.E. (or a
	for that matter) really means anything, or if structural engineering
	really a "practice" Just a thought. What do you guys think?

	 Monte Griffiths, S.E.