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FEMA 310: Force-Controlled Action onto Column Axial Load

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Can anyone clarify for me how the axial load in a column of a frame building is
a force-controlled action per FEMA 310 (pg 4-6, 4-7).  

I would grant that there is definately a limit on the portion of the axial load
contribution coming from the shear of the beams framing into the columns. 
Nevertheless, the lateral forces also cause a torsional effect on the whole
structure, which inturn, will cause large axial loads onto the columns,
undoubtably larger than the phiVn of the beams.  Since these lateral forces
are, by definition, deformation controlled forces, directly, why consider the
axial loads onto the columns only force controlled.  

Now granted, the beams can have an axial load limitation, but how about flat
slabs of the 1950's with drop panels and no beams?  What am I not seeing?

Mr. Eric Gillham or Mr. McClure are you there?

ed gonzalez