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Re: Stamping Calculations

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Chris Towne wrote:

. > This is true, but structures have a tenanacy to be forgiving, especially
. > indetermanant structures.  If a building collapsed every time we made a
. > mistake, there would be a lot fewer buildings standing.

Yes, and the human body heals.  If a person died every time a surgical 
mistake was made, there would also be a lot fewer people walking the street.  
However, there are single mistakes in both surgery and structural engineering 
where material forgiveness and healing is no longer applicable and this is 
where the difference lies.  In surgery, only one person is at risk; in 
structural engineering, hundreds and thousands may be at risk.  (The 
structural example that comes immediately to mind is the CityCorp tower in 
NYC.  If *that* mistake wasn't caught, ...)  
And don't forget that the surgeon is not alone in the operating room.  There 
may be other doctors, at least an anesthesiologist, and there certainly are 
nurses, who can see if mistakes are being made.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona