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Re[2]: Grading Agency/Rules for Vigas???

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We also use the term "viga" or "biga" here in the Philippines to call gravity carrying horizontal members of a structure (to include beams and girders).


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Subject: Re: Grading Agency/Rules for Vigas???
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Date:    02/01/99 5:58 PM

> It's a pole used as a roof rafter in traditional adobe construction.  > You don't have those in Virginia?

> A viga is a pole type roof beam used in Mexican and Indian > (Native American) type construction.

A minor quibble: I don't think vigas are limited to roof beams. "Viga" is the ordinary Spanish word for "beam", and I've seen vigas used as second-story floor beams in many New Mexican "adobe" structures.

- Mark Middlebrook