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RE: B7 vs A449

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The full designation for the B7 is ASTM A193, B-7.  The A193 family is
rather large with a wide variety of alloys and strengths.  The ultimate
tensile strength and yield strength for the B7 is slightly greater than the
ASTM A449 bolt.  I generally specify the B7 because it is more of a material
specification as opposed to a pure bolt specification.  

I don't specify a headed bolt.  I thread both ends and provide a nut and
deform the threads on the anchored end.  It is a more fool proof anchorage

The head is critical and I have a lot of problems with the F606 test method
referenced from A449 and the general practice of fabricating heads on bolts
that are not production runs.  Production run bolts will be a maximum length
of 8 or 10 inches.  Anchor bolts are generally 18" and longer.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: B7 vs A449

Happy Monday all

Are B7 Anchor bolts equivalent to A449's (Hi uplift ) ?

Tarek Mokhtar,SE