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RE: Earthquake in Colombia.

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    I mean the kind of failure that usually happens when masonry is ignored
in the calcs and it interferes with the frame behavior.

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De: Juan C. Gray <juangray(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: lunes, 01 de febrero de 1999 13:10
Asunto: Re: Earthquake in Colombia.

I'm sorry ; I don't grasp what you mean. Can you please rephrase your

Juan C. Gray

Rodrigo Lema wrote:
> Any masonry interference failures?
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> De: Juan C. Gray <juangray(--nospam--at)>
> Para: seaint(--nospam--at) <seaint(--nospam--at)>
> Fecha: jueves, 28 de enero de 1999 12:57
> Asunto: Re: Earthquake in Colombia.
> The philosophy behind the Colombian seismic code is pure USA : it
> evolved from ATC-3 , UBC , ACI-318 , and AISC. This code was developed
> by some very talented engineers , members of the Asociación Colombiana
> de Ingeniería Sísmica. The code is periodically upgraded to reflect new
> developments in this area, or to enforce stricter restrictions that
> could not be imposed when the code appeared (1984). Before the code , we
> used ACI-318 and SEAOC recommendations , but this was not mandatory , so
> there is a very wide and recent gap on what to expect from buildings.
> The greatest problem you will find in collapsed buildings will not be
> the quantities of reinforcement , but how the reinforcement is placed .
> You will be amazed.
> The code provisions are supposed to be applied in ordinary construction
> , but there is a lack of people qualified to evaluate and inspect.Some
> towns do not even have an office in charge of this , and you are able to
> build whatever you want.
> The predominant system here is reinforced concrete with moment resistant
> frames. The newer buildings use the combined system (shearwalls - moment
> resistant frame) .For newer two or one story dwellings it is brick
> masonry with confining columns , and for older construction it is brick
> , or bamboo with earth
> The predominant failures in buidings : beam-column joint deterioration ,
> brought by inadequacy of reinforcement . In one story dwellings , there
> are not enough masonry panels to resist lateral load , so they suffer
> from absolute instability due to quicq failure of the wall panels , wich
> usually support heavy roof loads and untreated wood structures.
> Rodrigo Lema wrote:
> >
> >     It would be interesting if there are any Colombian engineers in
> > this list (I think there are) to comment on the EQ.  For instance, I'm
> > interested in the following items:
> >
> > a) What's the philosophy behind the Colombian seismic design codes?
> > b) Are they applied in everyday construction?
> > c) Predominant structural systems & materials.
> > d) More common types of failures.
> >
> >     Also I think it would be great if these colleagues could send some
> > pictures to post in the seaint wwwsite.
> >
> >     TIA.
> >
> > Rodrigo Lema, Mendoza, Argentina (We still waitin' for our big one)
> >
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